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Meet the Interviewers

Ana Dougherty

Ana"There should be more Latino professionals working within the criminal justice system, and all those working within the system should be required to improve their knowledge of Spanish and of immigration law to better meet the needs of a changing population."

Project: Ana's project explored legal representation for Latino youth in North Carolina, and found that major improvements in the criminal justice system are necessary to reduce stress and improve legal representation and protection for Latinos. 






Tae Brown 

Tae"Somos pobres, pero somos ricos en los corazones."

Project: Tae focused on Afro-Latinos and what their experiences encompassed while living in the South as well as understanding the dialogue they bring to the discussion of racial inequality.  




Lea Efird


"As soon as I arrived in Trancas, I felt a sense of homecoming. As a person from the NC version of the campo, speaking with the people of Trancas felt like going out visiting. Seeing the Fundacion at work there and in Pozos, and Las Libres in Guanajuato, was a great experience as someone who wants to work in the nonprofit sector and is interested in the ethics of nonprofits as a whole. Our course, and especially our trip to Guanajuato, served to help me both connect with these amazing sending communities and reconfirm my conviction to work towards immigration justice and reform in my life after undergrad."

Project: Lea studied the impact of rural and urban sending and receiving communities, as well as intimate partner and familial support networks, on the Mexican female immigration experience with regard to the themes of work, gender and family. 



Fran Reuland


"Never before had I taken a class so dedicated to understanding the various perspectives on a topic, in this case Latin American Immigration. I am forever grateful for the trip and the lessons it taught me on the importance of flexibility, getting to know some of my amazing UNC peers, and appreciating the unity that exists among communities despite differing values."

Project: Fran researched the physical well-being of Latino immigrant children. Specifically, by reviewing studies, literature and conducting individual interviews, she looked at the reasons for why this population, particularly North Carolina Latino immigrant children, is disproprtionately affected by the American obesity epidemic.








Brian Riefler


''I came to Mexico bringing a red-glasses cultural paradigm from the States, and after having immersed through the blue cultural lens of Mexico, I see immigration through purple glasses coming back to America. Through understanding the struggles faced by migrants in North Carolina as well as those left behind in their communities, I am empowered to become an advocate for better treatment of immigrants."

Project: Brian researched the role of Latinos within UNC Dining, and by understanding the context of why many minorities are cafeteria workers, food reflects themes of migration.



Kendal Thomas

Kendal"Like no other class I've ever taken, this course showed me that my classrooms, community, and world are so much more complex than I could ever fully comprehend, and it helped me to find my place in the larger picture of Latino migration. This isn't one of those classes you just take to fulfill a requirement and never think about again. I am sure that the knowledge and experinces I gained from this class will stick with me and challenge me for the rest of my life." 

Project: Kendal studied the experience of Latino students in dual language education and examining how their language and culture is maintained through education in the U.S.