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Since 2006, New Roots: Voices from Carolina del Norte archive has been documenting the changes in the Nuevo South by collecting stories of migration, settlement, and integration in North Carolina, a state that has faced extraordinary demographic transformations in the last 20 years. As an ongoing and permanent research initiative, New Roots has generated over 160 audio-recorded interviews, with complementary materials: transcriptions, field notes and tape logs and produces around 40 new interviews annually. Interviews are conducted by staff and students at the Latino Migration Project and processed and archived with the Southern Oral History Program and the Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

New Roots addresses a relatively new field of migration studies in the South of the United States, which is being addressed through many different humanities disciplines, including journalism, communications, geography, history, cultural and religious studies, as well as the social sciences. These primary sources present first-hand narratives about migration, settlement and the challenges and opportunities of demographic change. New Roots provides a window into the increasingly transnational character of economic, social, cultural and race relationships in the region.

Documenting and disseminating research about the Indigenous and Hispanic cultural features of Latino communities in the South brings Southern Studies to an important awareness of the region’s place in the world and its history as a proving ground for equality movements in the nation. New Roots documents the contributions of Latino figures in the history of the South of the United States as well as in contemporary national movements for social justice, immigration and educational reform.

New Roots Team

  • Hannah Gill, Director, New Roots Latino Oral Histories
  • Maria Silvia Ramirez, Bilingual Documentation Archivist, New Roots Latino Oral Histories
  • Laura Villa Torres, Bilingual Outreach Assistant, New Roots Latino Oral Histories
  • Felipe Acosta Muñoz, Library Assistant, Institute for the Study of the Americas
  • Emily Chavez, Outreach Program Coordinator, The Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University
  • Jessica English, Digital Initiatives Coordinator, Hilton M. Briggs Library, South Dakota State University
  • Jaycie Vos, Coordinator of Collections, Southern Oral History Program
  • Rachel Seidman, Associate Director, Southern Oral History Program
  • Emily Brassell, Application Development Project Manager, University Library
  • Dean Farrell, Digital Repository Analyst, UNC University Libraries
  • Andy Jackson, Applications Analyst, UNC University Libraries
  • Steven Segedy, Applications Analyst, UNC University Libraries
  • Tim Shearer, Director, Library and Information Technology, UNC University Libraries
  • Jill Kuhn Sexton, Head, Digital Research Services, UNC University Libraries
  • Stewart Varner, Digital Scholarship Librarian, UNC University Libraries
  • Tripp Tuttle, Graphic Designer

New Roots Board

  • Wendy González Bateman
  • Tom Hanchett
  • Melissa Perez
  • Rich Szary
  • Charles Thompson

We thank the generous support of The National Endowment for the Humanities.



Note about Transcripts

Transcripts are available for many of the interviews. It should be noted that transcripts vary somewhat in style and appearance because they were transcribed and edited by many different individuals over time. They are not verbatim and may have been edited, and they may contain errors.

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Staff members Maria Silva Ramirez and Laura Villa Torres
Staff members Maria Silva Ramirez and Laura Villa Torres
Intern Maikel Farinas Borrego
Intern Maikel Farinas Borrego